An Ode to Hibernation

Posted by John Gates on

What a time we are living in -
In Oz, it's been a bit of a strain.
2020 has brought Fire, heatwaves,
droughts then flooding rains.

Is anyone enjoying 2020?
Crikey,  I reckon we are copping plenty
Then the big old elephant in the room.
Didn't see that coming - Vroom!!

Corona - no, not the beer, that other thing.
Plenty of people suddenly suffering.
How good was it that the farmers got the flooding rain
Banks didn't need to foreclose, now they aren't down the drain.

Thank God for that,
the big fella upstairs is tipping his hat.

Now we have some other issues,
and some nasty little shoppers have bought up all the tissues..
wonder who? Fu Man Chu?

So, here we are dealing with it.
No bloody Rugby - that's the worst bit.

Nobody to smash into
Can't practice rucks or mauls,
Can't even go out and kick a ball!

No pies, or beers or sausage sizzle
Safe to say this season's a fizzle

If we had a game to look forward to on the weekend we could make sense of life.
Major uncertainty causing the strife,
such is life!
Might even have to talk to the wife!

No, Gatesy, life has to go on.
Stocked up with wine, and Corona
Life will be just fine, hibernate like a loner

Just the way it is.
No point getting in a tizz..


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