My Money's on the Brumbies

Posted by John Gates on

I'm backing the magnificent Brumbies to win this year's Super Rugby Championship.

Not the least because i am a rusted on lifetime supporter of the beautiful team, but also because I got them at great odds. But that is not the point. You don't pick a team at long odds unless you are a savvy better, or a rusted on tragic, or both!

Dan McKellar has prepared them magnificently. No injuries - well, only the greatest player ever to play the game, and he is not being missed as badly as we would have thought, as they have depth and width right across the spectrum.

Every player knows his job and that is the sign of a group of people who trust each other, who have been in a great environment  for the whole season and who appreciate what they are playing for.

I'm excited - what about you?



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