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Posted by John Gates on

Here's a random thought.

I noticed that Football (soccer) is proposing some changes when they resume their comp, such as more replacements etc, and that may just be a Covid thing, but it occurred to me that with a shortened season, having been disrupted, now might be the time to trial some experimental laws, such as the 50:20, the goal line dropout and any others that might be seen as worthy.

Maybe some initiatives to speed up the feeding of scrums, or making the breakdown a bit easier for all to understand?

Maybe we could take a leaf out of the Global Rapid Rugby playbook. Shorten the halves by 5 minutes, but allow the ref to stop the clock for scrum breakdowns, or cynical play.

Trial a blue card - ie no send off but a warning, so that either a number of blues means an automatic suspension next week, or something like it, so that the game flows always with 15 -v 15.

Red cards only for blatant foul play. Reduce Yellows to 5 minutes

As I have written here before, this could be a great time to lay everything on the table and try new ideas, especially since it's not just a Covid year but also the first year in a World Cup cycle

Who knows?


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