With Any Luck - Super Rugby is Back

Posted by John Gates on

Yesterday, RA CEO, Raelene Castle announced that a deal had been done with the 4 Super Rugby franchises and Western Force, to run an internal Aussie conference competition.

First, that is great news, if it actually happens, but given the pace with which governments are announcing Covid restrictions, who knows if it will get off the ground?

If all states close their borders, which could happen in the next few days, it might all be a bust.

But, at least they have given us something to be optimistic about, so I am staying positive about it and here are a few ideas.

I know we are short on detail, but since teams need to play in empty stadiums, why not move all the franchises to say, Sydney and Canberra for training purposes, and play all the games at one stadium (GIO or Parramatta) and have a "super studio" set up for the broadcasts. Each round a double header, with the Force going second, to make up for the time difference. Someone last week suggested Townsville. Doesn't matter where because it will all be behind closed doors, anyway and maybe better to be in the tropics, anyway

They would need to get the teams here or whenever, soonish, in case they have to subject themselves to a quarantine period.

The "Super Studio" could be set up for experimental effects, crowd noise, CGI images etc. All the journos in one place, absolutely minimising travel.

A great time for experimenting and as the old saying goes, the Chinese symbol for crisis, is also the symbol for "opportunity"


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