E-Book - How to play the position of Loose-head Prop (No.1)

Develop A Player

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Author: Chris Miles

Edition: 1

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 89

Publisher: Develop A Player

Release Date: 21-02-2018

Details: The purpose of this book is to provide the player, family, coach and player’s support network with the information needed for positional excellence in the position of Loose-head Prop (No. 1) in rugby union.

The objectives of this book are to:
To provide the reader with an understanding of the natural physical and mental development of young players.
To provide an appreciation of the statistics of modern rugby union and use that information to guide the player’s development.
To provide a blueprint for the elite conditioning needed to help young players achieve results in the modern game of rugby union.
To provide an insight into what selectors and coaches are looking for at the representative level.
To provide FREE access to a professional player development portal where the player can record and grow their own player profile.
To achieve excellence in the key aspects of a competitive team sport.

Languages: English