Rugby: Be on the Ball with the Greatest Game on Earth

DK Children

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Author: DK

Format: Kindle eBook & Hardcover 

Number Of Pages: 64

Publisher: DK Children

Release Date: 01-08-2019


This exciting introduction to rugby helps kids get to grips with the rules of the game, learn rugby skills, and stock up on rugby world records. The book looks at the history of the game, and touches on the main types of rugby, including Rugby Union, Rugby League,, Tag and Touch rugby. Did you know rugby can even be played on sand or snow? Olympic rugby is not forgotten as wheelchair rugby and rugby sevens are both covered.

Find out all about the World Cup and the Six Nations, from the history to which nation has the most wins. There are fascinating stats on every page, with profiles of famous rugby players of the World Cup, past and present. Step-by-step graphics clearly show how to pass the ball, and explain what scrums, mauls, and lineouts are.

Languages: English