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E-Book - SCRUMptious: A Secret Virgin Romance (Dublin Rugby Book 3)

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Author: Rebecca Norinne

Format: Kindle eBook

Number Of Pages: 188

Release Date: 2017-09-20

Details: "SCRUMptious was a great, highly original story. Norinne has a talented & addictive writing style that I can't get enough of." - The Power of Three Readers

One look at Donal Casey, Dublin Rugby's cocksure young hooker, and Chef Lauren Andrews knows she's in deep trouble. The brash athlete with a sweet smile and talented mouth is everything she dreams about at night.

So even though she's only in Dublin for eight weeks, she gives in to his charms. One date leads to another, and soon she's dreaming about other things … things like forever.

Playboy. Flirt. Womanizer. Donal knows what they say about him, and he knows none of it's true. Despite the parade of girls leaving his bedroom, he'd rather stay a virgin than wind up with a baby-mama claiming the kid is his.

But one flirty conversation with Lauren, and he's all in. One kiss, and he yearns for something more. Something lasting.

Now, Donal's in for the match of his life, and he has no plans to lose. Even if it means leaving Dublin—and rugby—behind for good.